Victorious Box
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Victorious Box
Handmade Chocolates, Pedaços de Cacau, Victorious Box
    The Big Box for Victorious includes 9 black Belgian chocolate chocolates (min. 54% cacao) filled. Thinking about the real chocolate lovers, we've put together our three award-winning chocolates in the same box. This Big Box contains three lemon candies, three honey candies and three orange candies.

    All the chocolates are handcrafted and decorated.

    The lemon bonbon was awarded by the Great Taste Awards as "The Best Flavor" with a star, the equivalent of a michelin star of handmade products in England.

    The honey bonbon was awarded a gold medal in the National Competition of Handcrafted Chocolates 2016.

    The orange bonbon was awarded the "Best of the Best" medal in the National Crafts Chocolates Competition 2017.

    Ingredients: Black Belgian chocolate (minimum 54% cocoa), Cocoa paste, sugar, flavoring, milk powder, may contain traces of nuts, Filling lemon, honey and orange

Delivery time: Portugal: 1 week, International: from 1 week to 1 month
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